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Dates for Outdoor Activity type First Aid Courses

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All courses include AED Training - a legal requirement from October 2016.

In addition, "The Management of Catastrophic Bleeding" using Haemostatics and (where hazard / workplace related) Tourniquets are also included.


Listed on these pages, you will find a variety of courses available to individuals and businesses. All are based upon the HSE First Aid at Work syllabus - and, for the more technical 'workplace specific', widely expand upon that.

The aim of the training is to always make it relevant to the needs of the person or business.

Listed below are a few of the most frequently trained courses, but specialised courses can be produced as and when required.


Expedition first aid course.First aid courses for canoeists & raft leaders.

First Aid for Mountaineers & Instructors 

September 17 & 18, 2022

Venue = Bodfari

North Wales

These courses have been running for over 20 years!

A 2 day 'Level 1' course, covering the essential skills required by a Individuals, Group Leaders or Outdoor Activity Instructors.  Also suitable for expedition party members.  

Meets MLT, IML, BCU, BASI, D of E, BMC,  Mountain Biking and other National Governing Body Award requirements. Including the HSE Emergency First Aid at Work certificate syllabus.

Training & Qualifications appropriate for serving H.M. Forces Adventurous Training Instructors and those utilising the Military Resettlement Packages

The course meets the requirements for persons operating on Forestry Commission lands (EFAW+F).

Advanced and
Expedition Medical Care
The highest level modules. Content and program reflects the requirements of expeditions operating in truly remote locations, where a patient may have to be cared for during an extended period, or evacuated by colleagues. It is therefore not appropriate for novices. Acceptance on this course is based upon current responsibilities & experience, and previous / current qualifications. Including the HSE Emergency First Aid at Work certificate syllabus.

First Aid for Forestry Workers, Linesmen, Farmers & Lone Workers

First Aid for Forestry Workers

( EFAW+F )

These 1 or 2 day courses cover the special requirements of persons working in the Forestry, Arboriculture industries and power line inspection / maintenance.

The 1 day course covers the basic skills and is mostly appropriate for persons working in urban and 'easy access' areas, wheras the 2 day course enables a wider syllabus and outdoor casualty care practice to be completed.

These courses have now been running for over 8 years.


First Aid for Forest Schools and leaders of young persons

The courses are of 2 days duration, being based upon the long established First Aid for Mountaineers & Instructors -- but expanded and targeted towards the special issues of taking young people into forests and the countryside for education & experiences.

Consideration is therefore made to the difficulties we may encounter in recognising and managing fractures and shocks, and common illnesses etc.

The course also meets the requirements for persons operating on Forestry Commission lands (EFAW+F).

Sessions are both classroom and casualty management outdoors.

We are pleased to be providing these courses at The Woodland Skills Centre, Bodfari, north Wales.

HSE -- First aid for the workplace.
"First Aid at Work" Courses
Primarily designed to meet the requirements of commercial and Industrial applications. The exact level required is based upon the findings of the business Risk Assessment.These are:

1 Day — "Emergency First Aid at Work"

3 Day "First Aid at Work"

2 Day "First Aid at Work Requalification"

Other courses Include:

Equestrian First Aid - for Riders and Instructors

Ballistic Injury Management

First Aid for Hospitality Venues


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