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Expedition Medical Care

£160. No VAT.

Incorporating the HSE Emergency First Aid At Work Syllabus.

First aid skills training for expeditions -- from the highest peak to the deepest cave!

All courses include AED Training - a legal requirement from October 2016.

In addition, "The Management of Catastrophic Bleeding" using Haemostatics and (where hazard / workplace related) Tourniquets are also included.

First Aid for environmental extremes !


Course Aims:- To provide expedition members and leaders with appropriate knowledge and skills enabling them to give both immediate medical care and extended patient support to an injured or ill party member.  Training is designed for the group or expedition operating in truly remote locations. 

Training covers both hard and soft skills and personal preparedness.  The course is inappropriate for the novice and persons with just First Aid at Work Certificates - unless well experienced.

Delegates are encouraged to operate throughout as if they were in real situations by operating in their 'working' clothing and acting with sensitivity and compassion.

The areas covered during training include advancements on the Advanced syllabus, including — Resuscitation and fluid replacement — Advanced airway management [Module #2] — Illnesses - bites - venoms - medications — Extended casualty care, transportation and evacuation.

Guidance on appropriate items for an Expedition First Aid kit is also provided.

Recognised (and exceeds requirements!) for  Mountain Leader Boards, and for WGL, BELA, SPA, IML, MIA, MIC, BMC, BCU, BOF, BASI, RYA, SMBLA etc.

Recommended by the Royal Geographical Society — London

Approx. 16 hrs. of training (2 Consecutive Days)

Continuous assessment

Certificated — lasts for 3 years       


Please note that in the case of extreme weather conditions, it may, for reasons of safety, be necessary to cancel any day or night exercise and substitute alternative training.



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