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First Aid for Re-enactors & Historical Demonstrators  

First aid for historical demonstrators & event staff.

A highly specialised and innovative course designed for participants and organisers / safety personnel involved in  

Historical Interpretation, Public Events, BattleRe-enactments.

Run by Re-enactors for Re-enactors!

Incorporating the H.S.E. Emergency First Aid at Work syllabus,

(Both forms of CPR are trained + Defibrillator training) 

Training has additional elements to cover:

 Deep woundings & impalements, 


      Fragmentation, blast & black powder injuries, 

        Horse trampling,

          Head injuries,

            Eye injuries,

              Spinal Injury management,

                Heat exhaustion / Stroke or Hypothermia,

                     The management of persons wearing armour etc.,


---- for environments where the group needs to be 'self-sufficient' or at larger events where ambulance aid may be delayed due to terrain or crowds.

It is the responsibility of Group Secretaries to ensure that wearers of this insignia hold a current certificate for this qualification (and receive regular Refresher training) and are adequately covered by appropriate insurance.

The Certificate is valid for 3 years. 

A list of appropriate first aid items will be supplied to each delegate.

Other courses of this type can be run at any location in the UK.

Whatever your requirement, business or professional activity, appropriate training can be provided.



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